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Will my tablecloth need edging?
No. Vinyl tablecloths will not fray, so your PVC tablecloth can be cut to size and shaped with scissors.

Will everything wipe off the tablecover?
Vinyl tablecloths are very low maintenance - simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and a little washing up liquid.
However, certain foodstuffs contain strong natural dyes and these can mark even clear plastic tablecloths. Curry sauces, certain pasta/bolognaise sauces, tomato soup & mint sauce can leave stains on PVC tablecloths & need to be wiped up immediately. But even wiped up immediately, certain foodstuffs can leave permanent stains. Stronger cleaning agents (even bleach in some cases) can be used  on some of our vinyl tablecloths for stubborn stains, but please contact us (see contact EasyWipe) for further advice.

How do I get the creases out of my vinyl tablecloth?
We recommend rolling your vinyl tablecloth when not in use - a PVC tablecloth that is stored rolled will last longer and will not crease and thus look & drape better once on the table.
In most cases we will despatch your vinyl tablecloth rolled in or on a cardboard tube. However we occasionally have to send your tablecloth folded and so the tablecloth may arrive creased. This can be rectified by hanging it in a warm room or gently warming it with a hairdryer once on the table.

Can I use vinyl tablecloths for anything else?
A lot of our customers tell us that they buy vinyl to use as splash mats under high chairs. It is also used to line shelves in pantries .

Can I cut my tablecloth into a round?
Yes, it is best to draw the template first. However we now are cutting round vinyl tablecloths.

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